Mining And Hydrocarbons Activity In Peru Grows In May For The Third Consecutive Month


The activity of Peru’s vital mining and hydrocarbons sector rose in May for the third consecutive month, 1.86% year-on-year, supported by a higher production of oil, natural gas, zinc and tin, the government said on Sunday, according to La República.

Peru is a major world producer of metals and the country’s exports of this production reach 60% of its total shipments.

“In May, zinc production grew 8.7%, tin production advanced 4.5% and copper production increased 1.4%; while silver extraction fell 2.6%, gold fell 4.0% and lead dropped 9.4%, said INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics)”, informed this media.

Cement was another product that increased, this time by 8.25% year-on-year in May. Fishing activity expanded as well, by 26.74% during the aforementioned month, less than the previous month.

“Due to the greater extraction of anchovy, used for the manufacture of fishmeal, of which Peru is the world’s largest producer”, said La República it was the reason of the decrease in the fishing industry.

The final data of the country’s economic growth during the month of May will be delivered on July 15 by INEI, according to information from this media.

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