Peru Among the Most Popular Tourist Destinations in South America

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Along with Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico, Peru is once again among the top destinations for tourists.

In fact, Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America with more than 32 million foreign tourists per year. And not in vain, tourism represents 8.6% of the country’s GDP. Argentina is also among those regions preferred by tourists seeking contact with nature, especially in La Patagonia.

According to the latest issue of the World Tourism Organization’s World Tourism Barometer, Latin America continued to register positive results for the best destinations in 2017. South America keeps leading the list of places with growing popularity, with an increase of 7%  in the number of international arrivals.

The Caribbean is still the favorite destination of European tourists, highlighting vacation packages to Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. But European travelers are looking for much more than beach tourism in the region.

Cultural rich cities in Peru such as Cusco and Lima are among their interests as well, not to mention that the gastronomic option presented by the country is the favorite one of many tourists.

Chile and Costa Rica were the two destinations that stood out among the British, rising their popularity during this last year. Both are great destinations for ecotourism lovers, but the reason they shone this year in the UK is that of the direct flight that British Airways launched from London to San José, in mid-2016, and to Santiago, at the beginning of 2017.

What do you think is Peru’s main attraction to call tourists’ attention?

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