How Much Peruvians Spend When Going on Vacations


In many cases, Peruvians prefer to visit places in their home country when they have time off.

However, Russia now seems like a popular destination since the Peruvian team has qualified for the World Cup.

But for people who prefer to stay in the country during vacation, it’s been revealed that Peruvian vacationers spend on average S / 489  over five nights. The study also took into account the reasons Peruvians travel. 40% of people travel to relax during their days off, 19% of Peruvians travel to visit their family and 18% to know new places they haven’t been able to visit before.

The most visited region is Lima with 23%, followed by Ica at 12%. Arequipa, Junin, and Piura are also often visited. The favorite activities of Peruvians were architecturally based, including visiting parks, squares, churches, and cathedrals. 39% of the population buy handicrafts when visiting other regions.

Almost 60% of Peruvians plan their trips two or three weeks in advance.

Regarding foreign tourists, Cusco is still the most popular region to visit. Choquequirao, “Machu Picchu’s big sister”, will soon become an alternative to Machu Picchu with its own road and cable car.

How much do you spend when going on vacations?

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