New Encyclopedia Gathers The Largest Archaeological Discoveries Of Peru


The “Top Annual Great Discoveries of Peru” is an encyclopedia that brings together the greatest archaeological discoveries and scientific contributions made in Peru in recent years.

It was “published by the Pacific publishing group, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru and private groups Radio Programas del Perú (RPP) and Interbank”, explained Andina News Agency.

According to them, the Foreign Ministry Secretary General, Eric Anderson Machado, said that the initiative seeks to collect the discoveries that occur year after year in the country so that the rest of the world can learn about them.

“The objective is for this annual compendium to update us on all these discoveries that have been made in Peru, not only from pre-Inca and Inca history but much earlier.”, said Anderson to the media. “Since the Paleolithic era, we have very important remains that we do not know about”, he added.

The book, which brings together more than 15,000 years of Peruvian history, presents nearly 50 photographic reports and documentary texts, in Spanish and English, prepared by prestigious national and international archaeologists of our time, according to Andina.

In addition, the book will help promote and publicize the investigations and will also serve as an invitation for the rest of the world to learn and decide to visit the archaeological sites for tourism or work.

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