Odebrecht To Sign Cooperation Agreement With Peru This Week


Odebrecht is expected to sign a definitive cooperation agreement with Peruvian authorities this week, according to the Brazilian newspaper Valor Economico. The amount of civil compensation that the construction company will pay has not been yet determined.

El Comercio said that the coordinating prosecutor of the team investigating Odebrecht, Rafael Vela, told Reuters that the only thing that remains pending to close the cooperation agreement is to fix the civil compensation.

“Peru would be the fifth country where Odebrecht has signed an agreement. To date, the construction company has written agreements with Panama ($220 million US dollars in 12 years), the Dominican Republic ($184 million US dollars in 8 years), Guatemala ($18 million US dollars) and Ecuador (the penalties have yet to be determined).

In Peru, the signing of an agreement would direct the company to accelerate the effective sale of assets that have been truncated by the Peruvian government. This is the case of the Chaglla hydroelectric plant, whose execution of the sale contract between Odebrecht and China Three Gorges was awaiting the pending calculations with the Peruvian authorities.

In addition, the agreement could accelerate the definition of the situation of the South Peruvian Gas Pipeline, whose concession was withdrawn by the government in 2017.

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