An Online University Arrives from Spain to Peru


The Universidad Internacional de LA Rioja offers 18 undergraduate degrees, 80 university master’s degrees and 65 own degrees.

Today the Universidad Internacional de LA Rioja (UNIR), a university of Spain with an educational proposal completely online, gave a presentation in Peru with the idea to “break apart prejudices” and to meet a “great demand” that exists for this type of education, said El Diario.

“The idea is to bring closer to Peru a superior quality of formation in a digital format, and to transmit to the country a project that has already had success in Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, and Ecuador”, said to El Diario Manuel Herrera, Sociology teacher and academic director of Foreign Affairs in UNIR.

According to this professor, UNIR proposes a completely digitized education that brings objections in a country like Peru. To him, the goal is to break with the many prejudices that exist to let this type of education consolidate.

“To begin with is the fact that other institutions have done bad digital education projects, and it is also a system and a population that does not recognize the ‘online’ as something of quality and value bets like ours, aimed at forming a population that exceeds 30 years”, added the professor, according to El Diario.

Herrera also believes that if the prejudices continue to exist, Peru “runs the risk of letting the train pass” and advance in educational training.

UNIR offers 18 undergraduate degrees, 80 university master’s degrees and 65 own degrees since its academic work began in 2008. Already 32,000 students have passed through its virtual classrooms, many of which are Latin American.

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