Peru Is The Third Country With The Most Early-Stage Startups Worldwide


According to the index of Early Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA), developed by the research study GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor) and ESAN, Peru ranks third in the world, with the largest number of “early-stage startups”, with a rate of 24.6%.

In the first place is Ecuador (29.6%), followed by Guatemala (24.8%), according to Gestión.

The media also informed that 1 out of every 4 Peruvians of legal age is involved in the start-up of a business or already owns one, with less than 3.5 years of operation, according to Jaime Serida, leader of the GEM Peru project developed by the Entrepreneur Development Center of the ESAN University.

Nevertheless, 7.4% of these businesses are discontinued within the first 3.5 years operating. “This ranking is led by Brazil with 16.5%, followed by Ecuador with 15.4%, Guatemala with 12.3%, Chile with 9.9%, Colombia with 8.7% and Peru with 7.4%”, said Gestión.

Jessica Alzamora, a researcher from GEM, reaching later stages of a development in a business is too expensive for the Peruvian entrepreneur, compared to other countries that were part of the study.

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