Peru Sends To USA 60% Of Its Chestnut Production


In 2017, the United States imported chestnuts from different countries for a total value of over $ 64.1 million US dollars, and Peru is the second exporter of chestnuts to that market.

Currently, according to Gestión, Peru sends 60% of its chestnut production to the market of The United States, just after Bolivia, which allocates 18% of its total production to this country, for a value of around $34.2 million US dollars, representing 53% of US purchases.

“The second country in importance is Peru with 60% of its production directed to this market with a value of $ 25.5 million US dollars, and representing 40% of US imports”, the website informed, citing Ocex Peru.

The third country to export chestnuts to The United States is Brazil. “With 13% of its production destined for this market with a value of $ 2.4 million US dollars and 4% of the US purchases”, Gestión said today.

As for the largest chestnuts producers in the world, there are Bolivia, Brazil, Cote d’Ivoire, and Peru. In the case of the Inca region, the exports are of Amazonian nuts (Bertholletia excelsa, family of Lecythidaceae).

Nevertheless, the weather phenomenon of El Niño has had repercussions in the Amazon, which have affected chestnut production, which translated into a less volume of exports during 2017.

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