Peru Will Construct A Cable Car System In Machu Picchu


With the objective of bringing more tourists to the Machu Picchu ruins, the country’s authorities are hoping to build a $20 million US dollar-cable car system in the area.

A line of cable cars at the UNESCO World Heritage site should bring in more domestic visitors while making transportation in the area more efficient, according to a report from state-owned news agency Andina”, you can read in Peru Reports.

Also, a cable car network may facilitate access to the ruins. Currently, the entrance is done in two sessions daily, each limited to 2,500 visitors, which add up to 5,000 visitors in total.

According to the president of the Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Apavit), Ricardo Acosta, a system like this will allow people to travel easily to nearby Huayna Picchu.

“The multi-million-dollar project has been compared to a similar one that was developed for the Kuélap ruins in the southern Amazon. Acosta said that the project in Machu Picchu would even be less complicated than it was in Kuélap”, informed Peru Reports.

Since a cable car system will reduce the time needed to reach the archaeological ruins, Acosta believes that tourists will flock to the citadel.

Today, the ruins bring a revenue of $5 billion US dollars to the country’s tourism sector with an estimated of 4.4 million foreign tourists per year.

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