A Peruvian City is Among the Best Tourist Destinations for 2018


CNN nominated Cajamarca as one of the best places for tourists to visit in 2018.

For all people looking to find an alternative destination in 2018, CNN may have the answer in the ranking the published for the best 18 places to visit as a tourist. The city of Cajamarca, known for its beautiful beaches, impressive landscapes and the amount of culture it hosts in the form of incredible jewels from ancient natives and architecture are only some of the attractions that earned this place.

It is important to highlight that Cajamarca was the only South American destination chosen for CNN’s rankings and it states “You cannot miss this in 2018”. If you are looking for excellent tourist destinations that were part of this list along with Cajamarca, you can check the entire list here. The top, which is crowded with African and European destinations, also had Puebla (Mexico) and New Orleans (the U.S) as other destinations from this side of the world.

The ranking focusses on destinations that are not as popular as others in the same countries but are considered to have touristic potential that can be exploited in a better way than it currently is. Peru remains top in the list of Latin American destinations preferred by tourists especially from the U.S, but it is also among the favorite ones of tourists all over the world.

What other cities or places in Peru do you think have more touristic potential?

(Source: Aris Sandrea)
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