Peruvians Are Using Internet More From Mobile Devices


Internet users in Peru are increasingly connected from mobile devices. The comScore MMX Multi-Platform tool revealed that the digital population in the country reaches 11,985,789 unique visitors.

“In the regional ranking it places us in sixth place after Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile”, said El Peruano last week.

According to Cecilia García, comScore country manager in Peru, men use more the Internet than women in the country, equaling 57.9% unique visitors. “We can also highlight the age group between 15 and 24 years. This lets us see that in the future Internet consumption will continue to grow”, she told the media.

The average internet user uses email, social networks, online searches and consumes entertainment content.

9.2 million desktop users over six years old are connected from home or work”, El Peruano explained. “Of the total, the audience over 18 years old reaches 6,777,209 users. In terms of mobile consumption, the audience adds more than 7.4 million (over 18 years)”, they continued.

(Cover Photo Pexels)

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