Places of Peru: Tumbes #3 – Cerros de Amotape National Park

(Photo: Verónica Isabel Calvo Niño)

We come to the bittersweet end of our journey through Peru’s northernmost coastal department in today’s Places of Peru Series.

The greatest treasure of Tumbes is a close call between last week’s National Mangrove Sanctuary and the quietly alluring Cerros de Amotape National Park.

It is the only natural area of Peru where you can experience the unique Pacific tropical forest ecoregion.

It shares some similar traits and species to the Amazon rainforest because of crossover through the lowest part of the Andes mountains (by average altitude), parallel to this part of Northern Peru’s coast.  Yet, it has many of its own unique aesthetics and conditions with the influence of the nearby Pacific Ocean including climatic and soil variations.

So if you want to experience all of Peru’s diverse ecoregions, you can’t skip over this intimate encounter with nature in Cerros de Amotape National Park.

Straddling the Tumbes river, Cerros de Amotape National Park in Tumbes is home to an enormous variety of species including the ocelot, boa constrictor, and american crocodile. (Photo: Mike Dreckschmidt/Living in Peru)
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Join us next week as we begin to follow one of the Amazon’s most important tributaries all the way to the mighty river itself…



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