Pope Francis Ends Visit in Peru


After a three-day visit in Peru, where thousands accompanied him during his tour, Pope Francis left for Rome on Sunday evening.

Unlike in Chile, Pope Francis’ visit in Peru was marked by an immense crowd around him everywhere he went. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was followed by Catholics from all over the land of the Incas and abroad.

One of the highlights of Francis’ visit was when he went to Puerto Maldonado. There he met with indigenous people from the Amazon and demanded respect for the natives that are constantly threatened in their own territories because of economic interests, such as logging and river contamination.

Pedro Salinas, a political analyst, believes that the Pope was received “like a rock star” in Peru, according to France 24. “He was received like a sort of Mick Jagger, dressed in white”, he told this news agency. Salinas is also a victim of sexual abuse from the Catholic organization Sodalicio de Vida Cristiana.

But not everything was prayers and contemplation. Some people, like Elena Urrutia, saw that chance of pursuing an economic benefit from the Pope’s visit to Peru. She’s one of the hundreds of people that left their homes to sell Pope-related memorabilia and make some money. “I sell T-shirts and paintings with the Pope’s face and I sell very well”, Urrutia told France 24.

Another one who expects to benefit from the Pope’s visit is President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), who travelled alongside Francis during his stay in the country. The investment made to receive the Catholic church’s leader in Peru was around 11 million dollars, that according to France 24, will also help boost PPK’s acceptance, which is the lowest it has been since he took over on July 2916.

After this visit, it is expected that the country, which is mostly Catholic, will continue to have more and more defectors of the religion. One of the reasons are the increasing numbers of stories about sexual abuse within the Church, topic that the Pope decided not to address in Peru.

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