PPK Agrees to Meet Lava Jato Commission


President PPK announced that he will meet with the commission in order to clarify what he has already communicated twice in public.

Earlier this week we reported Alan Garcia’s meeting with the Lava Jato commission. However, now it is time for president PPK to meet the commission since there is alleged proof that indicates Odebrecht made 7 payments for a total of $782,207 USD between November 2004 and December 2007 to the company Westfield Capital, a one-person investment banking advisory firm that PPK founded and to which he was linked to until 2007.

Although he has mentioned twice that he is not linked to Odebrecht, after that information, the president decided to meet the commission. On September 12 of this year, the commission sent its first request for the president to set the date and time to receive the congressmen in the Government Palace. Yesterday, he accepted.

PPK says that he will clarify that those payments were fees that were paid to him and that he has no relation to the company. In this regard, he mentioned that he found it necessary to meet with the commission, for which he has arranged to carry out the respective coordination to set the time and date.

“I have worked for 57 years of my life. The income that I had as a professional is duly registered, taxed and banked. There is nothing wrong with that. I reiterate what I already said in more than one opportunity: in all my career as a public official I have never favored any company.” concluded the president.

What do you think about this decision?

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