President Vizcarra Emphasizes His Commitment With The Peruvian Amazon


President Martín Vizcarra said today that one of the Government’s priority is to meet the needs of the Amazonian population. To do so, he announced the transfer of 130 million soles for works and projects in the Ucayali region.

The announcement was made from the city of Pucallpa, where he arrived to perform several activities and inspection on works, informed El Peruano. He also greeted the indigenous populations on the occasion of the Indigenous People’s Day that was celebrated yesterday.

“From Ucayali, I greet fraternally our brothers from the 55 indigenous populations throughout the country, who care for the great biological and cultural diversity of Peru. I renew my commitment to protect their rights and customs,” he wrote in his Twitter account, according to the aforementioned media.

Also, during the inauguration of Expo Amazónica 2018 in Pucallpa, the Head of State said that he and his government are demonstrating their commitment to the entire Peruvian Amazon.

“We are going to work hand in hand with the population, and to change the history of Peru because the forest is a Government’s priority”, he said.

One of the projects to be developed in this area is the improvement of potable water and sewerage system in Sector 12 of the Manatay district, which will benefit 27,000 citizens.

The President also inaugurated the first community mental health center Próceres de la Independencia de Pucallpa, in the province of Coronel Portillo, the first institution of its kind in the region”, you can read in El Peruano.

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