The Healing House: A Hub For Transformation, Located In Cusco


For almost a decade, the Healing House has been supporting people of all backgrounds, and all walks of life, to live healthier and more meaningful lives. For those travelers who find their way to Cusco, it’s a great place to visit if you are interested in building a deeper connection with your authentic self, with a transformational community, and to embrace Andean spiritual traditions.

My first visit to The Healing House

It was back in 2011 when I found the Healing House for the first time, and I instantly felt a strong connection with the mission and vision of this transformational hub, and that’s why I chose to live there for a couple of months. It was during a transitional point in my life, and looking back, I recognize how my fears and insecurities were holding back from the things I really wanted to do in life. The time I spent at the Healing House, and the group of inspiring souls I found myself surrounded with, helped me find the strength to live my life in different ways. Or in another light, possibly not living life differently; rather, becoming completely comfortable with who I was.
The entrance to The Healing House (photo: Scott Montgomery)

Over the years since the doors of The Healing House have been open, The Healing House community has helped many people to embrace happier and healthier lifestyles. And I write this blog post in the hope that others who feel the calling will find their way there as well.

What follows is an interview with Niki Coate, co-founder of the Healing House. Take a listen to her insightful words.

Gardens inside of The Healing House (Photo: Scott Montgomery)

In the first part of our conversation, Niki explains what the impetus was for founding the healing house. She says:

“what we were doing was creating a space for people to elevate their consciousness, not just heal but expand….To heal means to make whole and that’s what we are doing here is to help people realize their wholeness as individuals but more than that to realize our wholeness and oneness”

Q: Why is transformation important for us all? Niki says:

“we are working towards great global change right now. And by gathering together with intention of mindfulness, with the intention of honoring our heart centers, with the intention of healing ourselves and others, with the intention of self discovery and expression, we need to be held and supported by eachother… consciousness is ancient consciousness, whatever it is it is the time for this evolution to take place. So what’s happening is this consciousness, this inspiration happening all over the globe, and so centers like the healing house are important to anchor it in, and connect people, and give people something to focus on, because without that focus,  we’re just wandering.”

An events schedule at The Healing House (Photo: Scott Montgomery)

Here Niki talks about the importance that the energies of the Andes:

“we are channeling and really doing this fusion of traditions. We say welcome, bienvenidos, to anybody of any tradition whether it’s Hindu tradition or Catholic tradition, or non-religious tradition and blending that together with Andean tradition”

Niki talks about her life path, what brought her to do the work she is doing:

“And so I got the call to go to South America. And I didn’t know why. It’s almost as if I was forced to do it. I knew that there was something here I had to discover.”

Find out more about The Healing House

(Photo: Scott Montgomery)
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