Tips to find a job in Peru


Every day, thousands of people look for a new job. Meanwhile, recently graduated professionals and young ones hope to find their first opportunity to start a career and earn money. This process is not necessarily easy, and Peruvian market is not the exception.

To start, you need to analyze the current market, and your specific professional area, to detect how many companies and vacancies exist related to certain knowledge, experience or skills. Make a list with them, and match the best options similar to your profile.

Nowadays, technology offers advantages and modern tools to recruiters and applicants. Besides visiting companies or employment fairs, you can use online options to find a job in Peru. After some clicks, your resume will be available to be shared in those networks, and then have interviews (even through videoconference), without moving from your home.

In general, websites have offers from many companies, which post vacancies through them. New positions are uploaded frequently.

To be part of the network, usually you need to create a profile, and fill it with basic information: Education and courses, experience, skills, goals. Then, you can submit your resume to the offers or companies you want to work in. You can also set notifications to be sent directly to your email so you can track them.

On Gestion.pe website, the editorial team created a list with the most popular sites to search for jobs in Peru.

  1. Aptitus
  2. Computrabajo
  3. Bumeran
  4. Indeed
  5. OLX
  6. Mercado libre
  7. Linkedin
  8. Buscojobs
  9. Netzun (It’s focused in interships and junior jobs)
  10. Portaltrabajos
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