Tourists May Request Extension Of Their Stay In Peru Via Internet


The Migration Office of Peru has arranged an online procedure for foreign tourists who want to extend their stay in Peru.

America TV informed yesterday that the extension can be requested only online and no longer in person at the offices of the institution.

“This can be requested by tourists who do not need a visa to enter Peru and who need to extend their maximum stay up to three months”, the website of America TV explained.

They also add that in order to complete the process a deposit of 11.70 Soles must be made in any agency of the Banco de la Nación or through the app Pá

Once the payment is made, the tourist must visit and fill out a form to obtain this extension. He or she will receive a certification with a code instead of a stamp on their passport like it was done until a few months ago.

“Migrations has also activated other procedures so that they can be carried out through the website for the benefit of foreigners who are in our country, among them, the permission to sign contracts, special travel permits and online registration for the immigration card”, América TV said.

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