3 Amazing Places to Paraglide in Peru


With its topographical wonders and the majestic historical ruins lying amidst the verdant nature, Peru is a country which offers amazing paragliding opportunities.

In recent years, both paragliding and parasailing have become extremely popular in Peru. There are a number of sites across the country that provides excellent conditions for this adventure sports and attract lots of tourists from all over the world.

Numerous cliffs and steep hilltops serve as great launching pads. The climate of Peru with its specific wind-patterns and visibility also favors high altitude tandem flights.

So, if you are really into the thrills of paragliding adventures you must visit Peru. Here are three of the top paragliding sites in Peru:

1. Miraflores, Peru

The magnificent Miraflores’ cliffs near downtown Lima is one of the most popular paragliding sites in the entire world. Flying here is a unique experience where the flyer gets to paraglide over a combination of breathtaking city and coastal landscapes. There are a number of tourist services that offer excellent tandem flights and paragliding lessons.

A regular flight will absolutely take your breath away with the panoramic views of the cliffs and beaches of Lima, the gorgeous ocean and the coasts of Miraflores, Chorrillos, Barranco, Magdalena and San Miguel. In a regular 10 minutes flight, the participant can reach a maximum height of 250 meters.

Details: You can obtain detailed information at the local ‘paragliding port’ at the Raimondi Park.
Miraflores Paragliding (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

2. Pachacamac

Pachacamac paragliding site in Peru offers thermodynamic flights. This means that you can reach a maximum of 1000 meters in your flights. In 20-25 minutes of high adrenaline flight, the participant gets to experience an awe-inspiring view of the picturesque Pachacamac valley amidst the verdant hills.

The spectacular sights of the ancient capital city of Peru and the vast Pacific Ocean are bound to take your breath away. If you really want to feel the thrill and the adrenaline-rush when your feet leave the ground cycling in the warm air, come to Pachacamac.

Details: The best season to come to Pachacamac for paragliding adventures is between October and April when the wind speed and the weather conditions are ideal for high altitude flyovers.
Paragliding Training in Pachacamac (Photo: Facebook Public Domain)

3. Sacred Valley, Cusco

The majestic Sacred Valley in Cusco is yet another popular destination for the paragliding enthusiasts. The cliffs and steep slopes of the upper hills in the valley serve as fantastic launching pads for tandem flights. After you take off, you get a chance to spend at least 15-30 minutes in the air and experience amazing views of the landscape of the valley, its gorgeous mountain ranges and the famous Huaypo Lagoon.

Imagine being lucky enough to experience the splendid view of the ancient ruins from the air. The companies that organize tandem flights in the Sacred Valley region also provide excellent paragliding lessons and employ professional and highly experienced tandem flight pilots as instructors.

Details: You don’t need to carry your own paragliding equipment as those can be easily rented on the site.
Paragliding Over The Sacred Valley (Photo: Facebook Public Domain)



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