395,000 Venezuelans Have Requested The PTP In Peru


The last report presented by the National Superintendent of Migration stated that out of a total of 600,000 Venezuelans in Peru, 395,000 have requested the Temporary Residence Permit, known as PTP.

“This procedure created by the current Peruvian government due to the increased exodus of Venezuelans in the country, allows migrants to work, study and access health and financial services in a legal manner”, EV TV said on their website.

The limit for Venezuelans to enter Peru legally and request the PTP was this past October 31. Roxana del Águila, National Superintendent of Migration, said that by that date a total of 558,000 citizens from this country did so.

After this, Migración Perú decided to open two new offices in Lima to attend the PTP process, according to information from EV TV.

“On the other hand, Del Águila indicated that since 2016 more than 1,300 foreigners have received nationalization as Peruvian citizens, of which 70% did so through marriage with a Peruvian or Peruvian, another 25% for being the son of a Peruvian born abroad and 4% by naturalization”, the aforementioned media explained.

(Cover Photo Flickr / Wikimedia)

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