5 Reasons To Travel In Peru During The “Month Of The Homeland”


This month Peru celebrates the month of the homeland, and El Comercio has prepared a list of 28 reasons why you should travel in Peru. We have selected the top five:


Thanks to the variety of ingredients and flavors, Peru was chosen, for the sixth consecutive year, the best culinary destination in the world, in the World Travel Award 2017. Ceviche is the country’s iconic dish, but Peruvian gastronomy has flavors from the coast, mountains, and jungle, such as shrimp chupe, spicy guinea pig, and patarashca.

2. World Heritage

Unesco identifies the sites of great natural and cultural wealth, whose loss would be invaluable and irreparable. Peru has twelve of them, ready for you to visit: Machu Picchu, city of Cusco, Huascarán National Park, Chavin archaeological site, Chan Chan, Manu National Park, Sacred City of Caral, Abiseo River National Park, Nasca and Pampas geoglyphs and lines de Jumana, Historical Center of Arequipa, Historic Center of Lima, and the Andean road system Qhapaq Ñan.

3. Beaches

Peru has a total of 3,080 km of coast with 108 beaches. Each one of them has a characteristic that makes it special. “Cerro Azul, in Cañete, has the first solar lighthouse in America”, said El Comercio, mentioning also Máncora, in Piura, which has been nominated as the leading beach destination and the best adventure travel destination leader in the 2018 World Travel Awards.

4. Drinks

Next to the food, there are the drinks, and Peru’s most celebrated are pisco, whose production last year reached 10 million liters; and chicha, which is made with up to ten types of corn.

5. Minerals

According to the United States Geological Survey, Peru ranks second on the list of world copper, zinc and silver producers. In Latin America, it is the leading producer of gold, zinc, and lead, and the regions with more minerals are Cajamarca, La Libertad and Madre de Dios.

Which others would you add to the list?

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