A Month In Peru By Gabriele Peru


Gabriele Peru is a video maker from Sardegna, Italy and on November of 2017, he created a documentary about his visit to the land of the Incas: Peru.

“I studied cinema and I made some documentaries in Sardegna”, he told Traveling and Living in Peru, “and after graduating, my partner and I decided to take a trip overseas without having any idea where to go”, he continued.

After considering several destinations in America, they decided to go to Peru, since his last name, is Peru!

I proposed to go to Peru without having an idea of what it could offer us apart from the beauty of Machu Picchu. So, as a joke I told her (his partner): ‘let’s go to my roots’”, he said.

Gabriele has always been fascinated by South America, and he describes his experience in Peru as exciting. “Thanks to a guide purchased a few weeks before, we had structured a traveling itinerary to follow full of strong emotions”, he explained TLIP.

To this couple, the trip allowed them to feel free from their routine life in Sardegna. “Day by day, every time we have had a different and new experience, we established that we were happy to have made the right choice”, said Gabriele, regarding his decision to visit the country.

This experience resulted in a documentary you can enjoy for yourself. It’s “the result of our experience”, he said to Traveling and Living in Peru. “As soon as I returned to Sardegna I started working on the assembly of my shots, still fresh from all the emotions that I carried inside (…) we were still with our mind in Peru”, he added.

(Source: Gabriele Peru)
(Cover Photo: YouTube)

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