Costumbres Pisco Wins Gold Prize At National Pisco Festival In Peru


Last weekend, the 24th annual National Pisco Festival in Peru opened its doors to display the best piscos the country has to offer.

“Arequipa’s own Rico Corporation, which makes the pisco brand Costumbres, won the gold prize at Friday’s awards show”, informed Perú Reports.

In addition, about 300 other piscos were on display, in the hopes of obtaining the main prize.

According to Raúl Pérez, Production Minister, this is a very important event to remind everyone that pisco is a great part of the Peruvian culture.

Pisco is Peruvian and those that are here are keeping up the tradition of a product that makes our souls happy,” Pérez-Reyes told the state-owned news site Andina, as you can read in Perú Reports. “We want to congratulate Rico Corporation that continues to give us pride in making our national drink, which is part of Peru’s history”, he continued.

A total of 35 judges from different pisco-producing regions in Peru selected the winning brand.

(Cover Photo Wikimedia)

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