Peru Celebrated Victory Against Saudi Arabia Like They Were At Home


With two goals from the captain Paolo Guerrero, Peru won another friendly match.

Last Sunday, June 3, Peru played a friendly match against Saudi Arabia, in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. Not only did they win the game 3-0, but they also shook the Kybunpark stadium in St. Gallen, Switzerland, as if they were in Peru.

“A newspaper of that country, narrated like this the arrival of our selection and its fans to the city of 75 thousand inhabitants”, said RPP Noticias on Tuesday. According to the media, the usual peace of the city transformed into a red-and-white party, and Peruvians showed the Swiss what it means to celebrate a soccer victory.

The organizers calculated that 2,000 spectators would arrive, but each time the number increased, wrote RPP Noticias, saying that the tickets were sold out.

In spite of a large number of spectators, there were no recorded incidents at the stadium. “Peruvians are known as peaceful people. It was a party”, said a city policeman according to information from RPP Noticias.

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