Peru Is Ready For Dakar Rally 2019


Lima is ready for the Dakar Rally 2019 which will start on January 6 until the 17th on 5,000 kilometers of the southern region of Peru.

“One month after the start, the director of the Rally, Etienne Lavigne, presented at the Mincetur the route of the new edition 100% Peru”, said La República. “It will be a tough test of high-quality travel. The high sporting interest predicts a successful edition,” he told the media.

Some of the Peruvian pilots that will be participating are Nicolás Fuchs, Gianna Velarde, Fernanda Kanno and Emilio Choy.

The economic impact that the Dakar will generate in Peru is important, as highlighted by the Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade, Rogers Valencia. “This is the great opportunity for Peru to show itself to the world”, he said.

The Dakar Rally will promote the regions of Lima, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna, and the consumption of goods and services will generate an important economic return to the country.

More than 500 competitors of 61 nationalities, including 31 Peruvian pilots, confirmed their participation in this special edition of the rally, that for the first time will take place only in Peru.

The race will have ten stages and its cost will surpass $20 million US dollars, as the Executive told the media a few months ago.

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