Dakar Rally 2019 Will Cost More Than $20 Million US Dollars


The president of Canatur believes that the rally will not have an important positive impact on tourism.

After the Peruvian government agreed to do the Dakar Rally next year, in spite of it almost being canceled, sources of the Executive power told Gestión that the realization of the event would imply an expense in more than $20 million US dollars.

“This would be due to the fact that the event requires 10 stages since the route will only be made in Peru after Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia withdrew from the event”, Gestión said.

Last Friday the Dakar Rally 2019 was declared of “national interest”, which would put an end to doubts about its realization, but the norm referred to has not yet been published, according to information from this media.

“It should be noted that the declaration of ‘national interest’ provides custom facilities for the temporary entry into the country of equipment, vehicles and spare parts to support the competition”, wrote Gestión.

The media also says that there is not much of a tourism impact on the country as a consequence of the rally. “Only a small group and in the middle of austerity we do not believe it is the best decision”, said Carlos Canales, president of Canatur, who is not in favor of the realization of the event.

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