Peru Wins Once More Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants


Peru wins again first and second place on the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants this year with Maido and Central.

Maido is a Nikkei restaurant in Lima, run by chef Mitsuharu Tsumura and this is the second time in a row winning the title as the Best Restaurant in Latin America. Central is directed by chef Virgilio Martínez and also found in Lima and has won three times before this same title.

“Chef Pia Leon, also in Lima, was picked as the Best Female Chef in Latin America”, Fine Dining Lovers informed. They also said that Lima has topped this list every year since its creation in 2013.

As for why Peru wins so much, journalist Diego Salazar, interviewed by the aforementioned website, it is related to the fact that Peruvians are feeling more and more proud about their culture and heritage.

“Salazar thinks the work of chef Gaston Acurio, whose Astrid y Gaston restaurant in Lima was number one on the first-ever list in 2013, was the major catalyst for Peru’s continued rise and prominence on the list”, the website said.

A rising community of chefs, the pride and confidence that has pushed the success of Peruvian gastronomy are thought to be the main reasons for the Peruvian gastronomy success in the past years.

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