Scotland May Be the Last Rival for Peru Before the World Cup


According to “The Times”, Scotland has advanced talks with the Peruvian national team to be the farewell opponent at the National Stadium before the World Cup.

The Peruvian team prepares a farewell duel at the National Stadium for thousands of fans eager to see the participation in 2018 World Cup. In the last few days there have been several names of teams that could play against the Peruvian team. Some of the teams considered were Holland, Saudi Arabia, and England. But the chosen opponent would be Scotland.

It is a common practice among teams to choose strong opponents of in order to prove their techniques and attend the World Cup in good shape. The article posted in “The Times”:

“Scotland is in talks to organize a friendly match against the Peruvian team in Lima, and also seeks a second match against another South American opponent before committing to the trip to the Wolrd Cup”.

The last match between both teams dates from the last World Cup Argentina 1978. In that championship, they had a match in the group stage. The victory was for the “Blanquirroja” 3-1.

The Peruvian team qualified for their first World Cup in 36 years after winning the playoffs (2-0) against New Zealand. For its part, Scotland was third in their group and therefore failed to qualify for Russia.

Do you think this will be a great option for the Peruvian team to practice their strategies before the World Cup?

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