The Peruvian Congress Grants Legislative Powers To The Executive


The Peruvian Congress decided last night to delegate legislative faculties to the Government of President Martín Vizcarra, for a period of 60 days, in matters of economy, fight against corruption and other issues, said Telesur.

“With 82 votes in favor, 23 against and zero abstentions, after about five hours of debate, the plenary authorized the concession. The Executive had requested full powers to boost economic growth and combat tax evasion and money laundering”, this media wrote.

Nevertheless, the decision was rejected by the New Peru and Frente Amplio caucuses, but enough votes were still achieved in order for this decision to be approved.

According to information from Telesur, one of the main objectives of this power is to fight femicide, “which means that the National Specialized System of Justice for the Protection and Punishment of Violence against Women and members of the Family Group will be created”, they said.

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