“Todos Somos Perú” Is The Song Dedicated To The Peruvian National Soccer Team


Todos Somos Peru is the title of the new song of the Peruvian band Nación Kombi that, through Andean rhythms and pop fusion, has dedicated this sticky theme to the Peruvian National Team, which will debut next Saturday, June 16 against Denmark in the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018.

According to Capital, the authors of the song, Nación Kombi, say that this theme will become everyone’s favorite to encourage the team in the World Cup.

“We have been inspired by each player on our team, we have used various Peruvian instruments that make the theme authentic, ‘Todos Somos Perú’ talks about what Peruvians are made of,” said Moshe Quintero, vocalist, cited by Capital.

Guitarist Jorge Chumbe explained that the song reflects different feelings of many Peruvians, according to him. “This would be a song dedicated to the bi-color”, he said, adding that many people wished to contribute to the lyrics.

Nación Kombi, an emblematic band of Peruvian music, already has an 8-year musical career, mixing rhythms and colors with a national flavor in their music such as: ska, reggae, cumbia, rock, punk, chicha, among others.

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