Victims Of Violence Will Be Treated Immediately


A protocol establishes protective measures to prevent femicide in Peru.

The immediate and articulated intervention of the authorities to care for a victim of family or sexual violence establishes the updated Interinstitutional Protocol of Action Against Femicide, Attempted Femicide and Violence of High-Risk Couple.

The document was published by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) as part of the actions announced by the Government to prevent this type of crime against women, said today El Peruano.

The protocol establishes an immediate and articulated intervention of the authorities to assist the victim, guaranteeing her a free defense, comprehensive health care, police protection and protection of the people who depend on her, such as her children, adolescents, people with disabilities and other adults.

Other protections the authorities in Peru can offer to the victims are of a social matter: health, refuge, and others, as it is established in the protocol.

Likewise, protective measures are included for victims in situations of high-risk violence to prevent femicide, wrote El Peruano.

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