7 Can’t Miss Restaurants By Gaston Acurio


If there is one thing you must not miss in Peru, it is a meal at one of the restaurants of the father of the Peruvian gastronomic revolution, Gaston Acurio.

He has created a network of unbeatable establishments in which you can dip into the crucible of cultures that make up Peru’s national cuisine. Here are 7 can’t miss restaurants by Gaston Acurio.

1. Madam Tusan

Try Chinese breakfast snacks in Madam Tusan. Our favorites? The quinoa tamales, Peking duck rolls and meat-filled rice and pumpkin balls.

(Photo: Madam Tusan)

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2. Tanta

If you are looking for something more classical, then there is Tanta for sandwiches and good coffee. Tanta also has the complete Melate Chocolate range of puddings by Astrid Gutsche, Gaston Acurio’s wife.

(Photo: Tanta)

3. La Mar

At mid-morning, try La Mar for fresh flavors and an emphasis on seafood.

(Photo: La Mar)

4. Panchita

Panchita is the place for lunch: creole food by Martha Palacios, one of the most respected exponents of this style in Peru.

(Photo: Panchita)

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5. Astrid & Gaston

Astrid & Gaston, which has a sample menu: tasty samples of traditional Peruvian cooking prepared in a more contemporary style.

(Photo: Astrid & Gaston)

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6. Papacho’s

At the end of the day, Papacho’s is a friendly place for a good hamburger made using beef from carefully reared cattle (our favorite is the Miraflorina).

(Photo: Papacho’s)

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7. Chicha

Chicha offers traditional Peruvian cuisine, with a touch of Acurio’s signature flair at a fraction of the cost of his more expensive Astrid & Gaston.

(Photo: Chicha)

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Credit: Ultimate Journeys



Diego Oliver is a Peruvian writer and author whose work can be found in the travel magazine Ultimate Journeys. He loves to focus on Peruvian culture both modern and classic, traveling the country, as well as social responsibility.