Ají Lima: Excellent Peruvian Cuisine in El Salvador


“The flavor of the local ingredients, a menu with affordable prices and the warmth and modernity of its infrastructure make Ají Lima, Peruvian Cuisine, the most attractive place for the palate of Salvadorans”. This is how La Prensa Gráfica describes this restaurant, located in El Salvador.

Its owner, Iveth Pérez, assures that in Ají Lima you can find the best of Peru. “In the midst of an original, fresh concept, with its own roots in Peru, we offer our clients a menu with exquisite dishes, abundant food, and affordable prices”, she said.

Ají Lima offers the most emblematic dishes of Peru. Since Peruvian cuisine is so broad, the chef had to make a selection of the dishes that represent the country best.

In this restaurant, you can find ceviches, tiger milk, and lomo saltado. There is also a bar that offers drinks with Pisco, the official liquor of Peru.

“Definitely, the families, friends and young people who visit us enjoy and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in Ají Lima”, said Gerardo Pérez, who also owns the restaurant.

The chefs that make Ají Lima an excellent eating-place to taste Peruvian cuisine are in fact Peruvian. ·They are two chefs of great trajectory, who are responsible for preparing all recipes, including traditional dishes and those with our own label”, said Iveth Pérez, according to La Prensa Gráfica.

This year, Ají Lima celebrates its first anniversary, and because of this special moment, it will present eight new tastings on its menu, highlighting among them, its star dish: Lomo Saltado, inspired by the oriental cuisine.

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