Expat Life in Peru: A Few Random Observations


Life in Peru is never dull. Taking in the local culture through events and activities are some of the best ways to make yourself at home here. Just take it from Lynn!

“A few random observations…”

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I’ve now seen a couple of signs for the World Cup; a homemade sign at one of the local restaurants I like to go to for lunch at their tip jar (money from tips will go to travel to the World Cup – good thing the sign is up now!) and a big billboard sign saying you can win tickets for the World Cup.

(Photo: Lynn Weglarz/ Traveling & Living in Peru)

Just in case you didn’t know the World Cup is in Russia this year, starting June 14th and Peru is playing (first time in 35 years!!)  It’s a big deal…a really big deal here.  As in the country will essentially shut down on the days the team plays.  Fingers crossed they play well!

(Photo: Lynn Weglarz/Traveling & Living in Peru)

I try to watch a bit of Spanish TV (emphasis on only a bit – I mostly press the “magic” button to change the language from Spanish to English) but commercials are in Spanish.  Many continue to go right over my head.  Though there is one on right now called English Live and the actor to promote it is so cheesy and so over the top that I do actually get what he’s saying.  A step forward, right?!

Winter Olympics started this week and we haven’t heard a word about it here.  Is it because nobody from Peru is participating?  (First time Peru participated was in 2010 and then again in 2014.)  Or is it because we don’t watch Peruvian news and it might have been mentioned but we don’t know enough Spanish to know it has been reported on?!

(Photo: Lynn Weglarz/Traveling & Living in Peru)

It’s summer here (so strange from the Northern Hemisphere point of view).  What I do notice is lots of workshops for kids (of course, there needs to be something to entertain them), I’ve seen yoga in the park for kids, lots of skateboarding lessons at the local skateboard park and my personal favourite, learning to ride your bike in the park.  The other thing I’ve noticed is that the weekends are (slightly) quieter.  People here have beach houses and everybody is at their beach house…or looking for somebody who has a beach house.  Which means the streets are not quite so busy and it is easier to get into a few restaurants at lunchtime.  Bonus!!

Last weekend we went to the Panda Bear Festival of Lights with a girlfriend and her little boy.  I’m all about lights (love Christmas lights) so I was very interested to see what this festival of lights was all about. The display was in partnership with China and Peru – tourism?  There were a Christmas tree and presents (the display went up right around Christmas and coming down a bit later on this month) and lighted displays of dinosaurs (with sounds and movement – the first time it moved and roared was a surprise for me and the little boy!)

One of the most unusual was the llamas on a Chinese bridge – spanning of the cultures?  There was a Dragon made out of Chinese cups, saucers, plates, spoons, about 60 meters long and weighing in at 10 tons!  We all went with low expectations of food (expecting fair corn dogs/mall food); surprisingly the food was quite good.  We ended up with gyozas, dumplings and scallion pancakes for 10 soles (that’s roughly $3.00 – cheap!)  And there was a cultural show.  We stayed only for a bit, our young man was tired by then (lots of running and laughter checking out the lights.)  All in all a very fun evening!


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Have you heard of Paso Horses?  They are a type of horse known for their gait (very smooth, no bounce).  One of the ladies in my quilting group has a house about an hour outside of Lima (side note – she drives back and forth daily into Lima for either work or to drop kids off to school.  That’s easily 2 or 3 trips a day daily!!  Lima traffic is terrible at best of times, I could not imagine going back and forth more than once a day!!) and we were all invited down to her house for lunch and riding of her Paso horses.  I’m not a horse rider, but several of the ladies rode, I did more of the watching of the riders.  A nice day out of the city; very tranquilo and green and a lovely time to hang out with my quilting friends.

This weekend was also the International Pisco Sour Day (Saturday) and we went to the Traveling & Living in Peru and Internation’s Ultimate Expat Pisco Sour Challenge.

A lot of juvenile fun was had as expats from all over the world competed to make the best original Pisco sour. John and I went and celebrated the day with a Pisco sour!  Only one pisco for me; they are very sneaky strong!   Dinner plans and lunch plans with 2 different couples (my social network is expanding!)  And it was Superbowl weekend, I’m not a big fan of American Football but I do like to watch the commercials (and sort of the game).  We were able to watch the game on one of the TV stations we get, but it showed local commercials, not the US ones.  Those I watched on my laptop.  Not quite the same!

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