Peru Should Be Your Next Foodie Destination


Peru is considered to be rich in gastronomy and Evening Standard believes that it should be your next foodie destination. We’ll tell you why.

According to them, it’s very hard to get a bad meal in Lima. “Food is Peru”, said Rubén Díaz, owner of Best Bite Peru Food Tours to Evening Standard. “It’s an expression of art and culture. It’s what describes who Peruvian people are”, he added.

Ella Buchan, the writer of Evening Standard’s article says that the credit to Peru’s flavor goes to the “incredible ingredients and centuries of culinary knowledge”, which have passed on to the newest generation of chefs. No wonder the country has been named the World’s Leading Culinary Destination at the World Travel Awards in December 2017 for the sixth time.

Also, Chef Virgilio Martínez, owner of Central, has received numerous awards for his restaurant and his work and draws a lot of attention. He offers 17 dishes with special ingredients from different parts of Peru.

“Rock Mollusks, for example, uses sea snails and limpets from the coast. For High Andes Mountains, a butter-soft cube of pork belly is served with yellow mashwa, a type of tuber, and kaniwa, a native grain similar to quinoa”, wrote Buchan.

And there is more of amazing Peruvian gastronomy outside of Lima too. In the Sacred Valley and in Cusco you can enjoy ancient Andean foods. Restaurants such as Nuna Raymi offer dehydrated fish skins and rice with duck.

So, if you are into trying out new flavors, and are ready to be constantly amazed, Peru should definitely be your next foodie destination.

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