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KG restaurant was a huge and pleasant surprise. Food was overall excellent and so was the drinks, portions were fine, service was good and the décor was pleasant.

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Exterior (Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)
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You have probably gone past it and have not even noticed the new restaurant that has opened in Bolognesi Avenue in Miraflores. Thanks to my daily walks with my dog, I did see it and stopped by. A terrace with intertwined branches and bougainvillea is at the forefront of KG, Cocina de Peso, the new restaurant in town. The doors remain wide open welcoming curious souls and possible customers. As you step in, you will find quite a collection of vintage objects, in particular, several scales of all sizes, colors, and shapes from which the restaurant takes its name – KG as in kilogram and the concept of balance the restaurant wants to highlight in its proposal.

The Décor

The décor is somewhere between rustic, vintage, countryside and a slight touch of modernity set out by the glamorous red onyx bar standing right in the middle of the establishment from which wonders were produced as we were soon going to find out.

The Food

We had no idea what to expect from this new place but looking at the menu, we could recognize it was contemporary Peruvian food we were going to taste this time. We noticed there were options for vegans and they have gluten-free food. Menus are written in English and Spanish, possibly due to the fact that many of the customers they receive come from the adjacent Antigua Hotel, a lovely boutique hotel in the middle of the residential part of Miraflores. A courteous waiter approaches us at our table and brings some toasts with oregano and spice along with a mix of hot red chili peppers and bell peppers that was quite yummy and managed to open up our appetites.

The Drinks

We ordered some drinks. We had a classic Pisco Sour (s./24) that was served in a big glass, a Ginger Pisco Sour (s./26) that was awesome, a Honey Mule (s./ 30) with honey, mint and ginger beer that was pleasant, and a Don David (s./28) – the house drink, that was our favorite, made with cinnamon flavored pisco, triple sec, camu camu and a good chunk of smoked cinnamon stick. We loved them all.

Pachikay Duckling (Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

What To Eat

It was time for food and we started with a Pachikay Duckling (s./36) which consisted of several slices of cured duckling marinated with honey and coffee. What a start this was! The quality, taste, and texture of the meat were perfect, as sometimes duck meat can be chewy and hard, this was not the case, while the sauce was delicious, not overly sweet or bitter, the limo chili completed this fantasy of flavors making this dish a total success.

As a second starter, we had the Nido (s./38), a plate of seared fresh scallops lying in a bed of creamy avocado. I thought I would not like it as I am no fan of scallops or avocado, but as it turned out, it was so well made that I actually enjoyed it very much. The scallops were fresh and battered with almond butter which made them very tasty indeed.

Kausachun a dos temperaturas (Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

Our third and last starter was the Kausachun a dos temperaturas (s./38), a causa with shrimps bathed in an intense green huacatay sauce and avocado foam that was difficult to define. The causa was way too soft and lacked texture. However, the seafood sauce that came along with it was absolutely wonderful and worth the try.

We moved on to the main dishes.

We had a Corn Pie with grilled octopus, arugula and cherry tomatoes (s./42) that was pretty good. The corn pie was more of a soufflé but still with that corn pie taste, the octopus was delicious, perfectly cooked, and the chimichurri and arugula made the whole dish another

Mi Pez-to Thai (Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

We also tried the Mi Pez-to Thai (s./48), a sea bass with ñoquis in a green pesto sauce. The fish was well sized and perfectly cooked, quite savory on its own. The ñoquis had the right texture, but the sauce had no specific or defined flavor. Our host and Chef who was with us all the time promised to look into it so I have no doubt this dish will be taken care of.

Our final dish was the De Panza (s./45), a good-sized piece of pork belly bathed in chancaca honey and served with glazed sweet potato puree and a pico de gallo mix. The pork was fantastic and the puree and pico de gallo only enhanced the dish.

Chocolotón (Photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)


And if this restaurant surprised us with the excellent food, it surprised us, even more, when the desserts arrived. We had a KG Crème Brulee (s./24) with strawberries and golden berries that was superb. It had the right texture and perfect flavor.

We then tried the Jamón del Cielo (s./28), a two-layered dessert with a golden berry caramel custard at the bottom and creamy chocolate on top divided by a layer of fine pastry. In my opinion, I would have kept it simple without the chocolate.

We also tried the Pie Cake (s./24) which was basically a lime pie with almond crumble that was pretty good and amazingly refreshing.

Our final dessert was the Chocolotón (s./ 28), a quite large piece of chocolate cake, with rum and coffee flavors, covered with abundant Belgian chocolate and bits of crunchy caramel and chullpi corn scattered on the plate. The cake is served warm and it was simply to die for. It was moist, the chocolate was of excellent quality and the crunchiness of the caramel along with the chullpi corn was the perfect end to our visit. I can easily say this is the best chocolate cake I have ever had. I simply could not stop eating it.

Thanks To The Chefs

Executive Chef and co-partner of KG Carla Davila, has put her heart and soul in the right place. In terms of prices, one can say it is certainly not amongst the most expensive but it is certainly not cheap. One can also come for drinks and finger food and sit in their lounge area. KG is certainly worth a visit.

KG Restaurant
Av. Bolognesi 351 Miraflores
Tel. 242 9172

Opening hours – Monday to Saturday 12 – 4, 7 -11, Sundays 12-4 and 7 -10

Drinks – 12-32, glass of wine s./18-22

Finger food – s./26-36

Starters – s./ 34-40

Soups – s./ 28

Sandwiches – s./ 36-38

Main dishes – s./ 42-50

Desserts – s./ 22-32

Coffees & teas – s./ 8 -22


De Panza (Cover photo: Marco Simola/Living in Peru)

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