Why Is Peru A Gastronomic Power In Latin America?


According to Latin America’s 50 Best, the two best restaurants in this region are in Peru: Maido and Central, both located in Lima, but why is that?

CNN reported that these two eateries also are on the top 10 on the same list worldwide, which puts Peru’s cuisine in the focus of the regional and global cuisine.

“Undoubtedly, for the experts, what makes Peru and Mexico great in terms of gastronomy is their wide cultural tradition, since this industry, they say, has been developed for many years in those countries and has managed to take ownership not only among the locals, who have identified and recognized the importance of their food, but also abroad”, the media said.

Msuharu Tsumura, Maido’s chef, believes that the feeling of proudness towards the country and its flavors take a great part in the development of a better cuisine in Peru.

“Society in general values and feels proud of its cuisine,” added Tsumura. Also, Virgilio Martínez, from Central, agrees that in recent decades Peruvians have managed to have an “appreciation” for their traditions.

“In these 20 years we have learned and we continue to learn to look at ourselves and how we feed ourselves,” Martinez told CNN.

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